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How to play baccarat

welcomes all members. Those who are passionate about the details and content of baccarat games can use it as a guide to start playing baccarat with a wealth of content. is written for all members to learn together. Baccarat is one of the most popular games in Asia. Baccarat is a casino game. Online casinos are easy to understand. The first principle is like playing bouncing. Many people know. 

The purpose of playing baccarat.

In order to bet on both sides, ie the player and the dealer then you choose scr888 online which side is closer to 9 points. To play baccarat, you can bet.

 1. The player bets on the player

2. Banker betting

3. Tie Game Raffle Betting

4. Player Match Betting Player Match.

5. Bank to Bank

6. Four-card big bet on both sides (there are some casinos)

7. Both sides make small bets on 4 cards (some casinos) 

Card transactions and baccarat scoring

Baccarat is playing cards. Each party will receive at least 2 cards, but no more than 3 cards. The first and third cards are dealt from the pile to the player's side. The second and fourth cards have been issued to the dealer. If any party needs a third card, according to the special rules outlined below, I want to require (draw) all issued baccarat cards to face up.

Baccarat Card Points

Faces (arrogant) and 10 cards with a count equal to 0

ace equals 1

All other cards are counted at face value. 

The score of each baccarat is the last digit of the sum of all the cards in the hand, so the side with 8 and 9 will have 7 (because 8 + 9 = 17). The center also calculates only the last digit, so a 10-point card is equal to 0. The counting point always counts from 0 to 9. (Different from playing blackjack or Macau it is impossible to count separately. 

Baccarat points example

Example 1: 9 + 0 = 9. The score on this side is 9.

Example 2: 4 + 0 + 9 = 13 and the opponent scores 3 


Because each side wants to get as close to 9 points as possible, getting 8 or 9 points from the first two cards is considered a good thing. This is called "natural", and both sides must "leave" or ask for more cards if compared to "blog" or "eight." As always, there is only one point to beat Nature 8: Nature 9. 

Play Baccarat game

Deal two cards with both sides face up. (Player and dealer) If one side has nature, the other side wins. If both sides get the natural evidence, the side with the highest score wins. However, if both parties have the same natural card, they are tied together; if the player and the dealer do not receive the natural card, let the player draw baccarat first. When the player is at 6 or 7, if the score is less than 6, the player draws another card and then calculates a new score from the side of those three baccarat cards.


Baccarat rules for players

When the player's first two cards have a total score: ask the player to do the following

0 1 2 3 4 or 5 open

6 or 7 inches

8 or 9 inches (natural)

Next are some dealers. The dealer will stay at a score of 6 or 7 but the dealer will play it simply; the dealer must stay at a score of 0 to 5 and stay at 6 or 7 Stay.

 The rules of playing baccarat.

When the dealer's first 2 cards have a total score: let the player do the following

0 1 2 3 4 or 5 open

6 or 7 inches

8 or 9 inches (natural) 

Become a winner of baccarat games

The highest score, with the most recent 9 points being the winner.

-Players who bet on the player will earn 1: 1

-People who bet on the banker get a 1: 1 commission but are deducted 5% of the commission.

-The bettor will get 1 to 8

-The player who matched the bet gets 1 to 11.

-The bettor makes a pair of 1 to 11

All bets in a draw, either the dealer or the player (except for two cards) can withdraw this eye without loss. 

However, the baccarat rules on. Organizing learning for everyone For everyone, playing baccarat and understanding the rules of playing baccarat, why or why not play may be useful to you. This is the main rule that some people may not even know at all. Or some people say that the casino is cheating, but it's not actually what some of you think. Because in playing baccarat games, it already has standard rules. Everything must follow the rules of the game.

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